Beyond Subconscious 'Mindset' Shifts and into EASE.

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No Mind

Let's begin to STOP minding all the things, shall we?
And begin conversations with our Higher Selves? Yes.
Seems easy enough, but I hear you, it's SIMPLE, but not easy.

Allow me to present to you my mentor and friend, Lori Bolen.
We lovingly call her the 'Human Algorithm".
Lori Bolen is a fully-realized energy coder, energy healer and author.

She has just released the Money Algorithm Program!

Project no MinD

WHat is it?

With this program, you'll be able to learn from Lori the BRAND NEW way of manifesting and operating with ZERO RESISTANCE!

it's time

Following her algorithms and methods I've been able to get OUT of my mind, and experience the most incredible surrender and flow.

SOme Lori Love

Have you been staring at your vision boards, chanting affirmations, journaling and doing "all the things" to manifest, with little to no results? It's time to leverage the power of the no mind state!

Money Algorithm Program

The Money Algorithm Program

Every day you have a certain amount of energy, to make all of your decisions and meet all of your goals.

If we wake up, and expend SO much of that energy worrying about bills, expenses and all the directions we need to head in that day, not to mention the worrying , then we have no energy left for creativity and doing.

This is one reason we use algorithms.
Would you like to learn more about the Money Algorithm Program?

I am 100% in and know if we are to co-create a more feminine economy together, then we need to get money into the hands of people like you.

I trust that the ones who I am magnetizing have visions beyond themselves and want to leave not just an impact, but a legacy behind, (raising a child is first on my list!)

This starts with you getting out of feelings of scarcity and lack, and creating with me. 

You can utilize universal algorithms to harness the power of money.
As I always say, let's begin from the inside out. 

Learn MOre

Learn MOre