Needle-Free Acupuncture
for the
Modern Leader

Mind+Body+Soul Medicine. 
We help you (a modern Leader: moms, visionaries, entrepreneurs) move through Difficult Emotions, Transform chronic Stress, Anxiety and Fear into Clarity & Confidence pairing the latest in scientific research with the time-tested modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Dr. Dupré uses the Handmade Teishin, an ancient tool for modern well-being.

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Needle-Free Acupuncture is the world's oldest, most effective
and empowering Traditional Medicine.
As today's modern leader (mom's, entrepreneurs, mentors) you have ever-increasing pressures upon your shoulders and you are inundated with stressors.
(Stress is the #1 killer in the western world - yikes!)
When we are stressed, we are in 'Survival Mode' and as a result do not fully give ourselves the time or space to express emotions and traumas.
Acupuncture is the way to freedom from chronic stress, pain, fatigue and anxiety.

When we heal, The planet heals.

If you're looking to awaken your inner healer, you're in the right place. 


Authentic Leadership is an inside job.
Navigate chronic stuck-ness and dis-ease.
Empower yourself to awaken and activate Self-Trust and transform Stagnations with Self-Acupuncture.

What we do...

I believe that access to your Divine Navigation System (it's already installed, we just gotta open some internal doors and create some flow in there), plus an Integrated Shadow and Aligned Mind-Body-Soul practice that features your truthful desires and elevates your internal decision about your Value is the way to embody presence and balance in life, and in your business. The most magnetic thing you can do as a leader is to accept and embrace your weirdnesses, inner paradoxes, and imperfections with beaucoup love.

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Creatrix Library

Here I've compiled a few things that have served me as inspiration, motivation and my fav's:
Self-Worth & Influence.


Taboo Digital Avatar

My article on how to embody that dark, witchy, side of you. The persona you have cast into the shadows for years due to societal pressures on people pleasing and self-worth. I share how to create and integrate the darker aspects of your truth as your stage presence aka your Taboo Digital Avatar who goes out there and shares your medicine with a combination of 'Conscious-Oneness-Heart-Resonance' and 'I-don't-give-a-F*ck' mentality.

Our Offerings

Sacred Self-Acupuncture SESSIONS
In-person Needle-Free SESSIONS
The Initiation Group PROGRAM
Hand-Crafted TEISHIN

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potent, practical medicine

Self-Acupuncture Sessions

Ready to magnetize Wealth and Well-Being and become truthfully aligned with your Higher Self? Let's dive in.
These sessions are designed for the modern creative who is already doing 8 million things. In short: they are potent, subtle, magnificently effective rituals that are simple and quick. 
If you've tried 'tapping/EFT', breath work, talk therapy, somatic experiencing or have read all the Self-Help books out there, you're in for a treat. Self-Acupuncture is a holistic approach that has aspects of all of the above yet is worlds beyond.

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Success Stories


“Honestly, Lacey's Self-Acupuncture
sessions changed my business forever and enriched my whole dang life.”

- jess, CURRENT client


Awaken &

I am so very excited to meet you.
You are Welcome here. You Belong.
Jump on a Free 10 min call with me, I'd love to meet you.

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Holistic Wealth & Intuitive Health, 
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