hey, I'm Lacey

I'm a Dr. of Chinese Medicine,
Needle-Free Acupuncture expert,
Conscious Leadership Mentor, and Creator who believes you've gotta build your dreams
from the inside out

My story really began the moment I finally said no.

As a Dr. of Chinese Medicine, I am a chronic dis-ease specialist. As an Anthropologist and Silversmith, I make Teishin: heirloom Acupuncture tools based on ancient principles, redesigned for modern use. As a CranioSacral Practitioner and empathic intuitive I have developed a complete program to address chronic stagnation and emotional blocks we encounter as Conscious Leaders and Intuitive Entrepreneurs.  And as a Soil Scientist I have done the research and the experimenting. Oh yes.

but you know the real work began when... 

My journey through low self-trust, painful disconnection and overcoming some serious self-sabotage gradually, and much to my Ego's best efforts at denying,  shook me awake. I found myself running my clinic, a brand-new mamma, a traumatic birth - hell-I-almost-died -  survivor, and away from family all a once. I had to say no and choose to give up the game and ease inward so I could be the mother and woman I had been waiting to become.

I felt I was sinking, I kept asking: Is this my rock bottom? i wanted to give up, but i didn't. I TRIED THE ONLY FORM OF CARE I KNEW WAS REAL...

Going inward, resting and quiet listening proved much more difficult than expected. I was diagnosing myself left and right: post partum depression, ADHD, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, gut dysbiosis, an autoimmune condition, and more.
I tried every technique, I read countless books, followed Masters, went on silent retreats and gatherings, and sat through too many classes, programs and coaching sessions.  All the things we perceive as self-care.  But these were merely self-soothers and only distraction.  I kept resisting my Self-Acupuncture practice. I'd been trained to practice on others and have this potent medicine done TO me, not by me for me...
But I had dreams and what some call 'downloads'...so many in fact that it became impossible to ignore.  I picked up my Teishin and began a daily self ritual, I needed simple wisdom. I'd seen the results and knew clinically, my patients loved and preferred the Teishin. But would it work on myself?

That was the exact moment it all changed for me. When I stopped over-thinking and allowed myself to heal.

I started a daily practice. I got tremendous personal results and was teaching the practice to my patients. This was their homework between sessions: to practice Self-Acupuncture.
To witness their transformation not only through pain, but into their Higher Self is truly an incredible experience.
I am an 'entrepreneur'. And by this I mean the textbook definition: I am willing to take risks for the benefits of having more time, freedom and money. I became obsessed with the results of this inner work, as I saw it was the number one aspect missing from all the ‘spiritual coaching’ and ‘intuitive marketing’ strategies. I had started using Self-Acupuncture for myself, to rid my own damn demons and began helping others find their voice, their self-trust, their confidence and clarity.

And now i'm going to help you HELP YOURSELF.

This includes your limiting beliefs, your impostor syndrome, your Shadow, as well as those daily, bat shit crazy thoughts you have.
I am here to empower you to Be Your Own Healer.
You are capable of feeling and moving Qi. All that you are is divine.
Your potential is yet to be fully tapped and I want to help you tune in, magnetize your leadership, gain focus and clarity, so we can co-create the world we want to live in for future generations. Your money is a tool, your value is limitless. Let's get you aligned with both so you can fulfill your Soul's Purpose. 

Self-Acupuncture is the necessary tool to begin cultivating Resonant Love in this world.

From the Under World


can't live without


favorite BOOK







all about


Straight talk,
long walks,
simple ritual
helping you find
your superpower


not about

bandaid fixes,
the word "should",
that hustle game

I Do
My Best

because I am counting on you counting on me."

— maya angelou

Ready to Dive Deeply?


You have the information. You know this is your path.
You are ready to embody authentic leadership and process through the muck and gunk blocking your light. You are guided by divine consciousness and a savvy bullshit meter. Let's do this.