Want to experience the world's most gentle and potent healing modality?

Dr. Lacey Dupré


Want to experience the world's most gentle and potent healing modality?

Dr. Lacey Dupré
San Marcos, TX

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Want to experience the world's most gentle and potent healing modality?

Dr. Lacey Dupré
San Marcos, TX


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Want to experience the world's most gentle and potent healing modality?


Dr. Lacey Dupre

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I am glad you are here.
This Free event is facilitated by Dr. Lacey Dupré.

I am offering these as a means of cultivating community & connection to help us all rise together during these troubling times.
I keep an open heart and open mind and am honored to meet each of you. -Lacey

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Summer Grief Cafe - July 21st at 4pm CST/2pm PST/5pm EST

All are welcome here.

Grief Cafe


Summer Grief Cafe - July 21st at 4pm CST/2pm PST/5pm EST
...on the waning Moon when we release our Clingings

Inspired by “Death Cafe’s”, this is an opportunity for conversations to discuss our personal and collective grief and loss as well as it’s and suppression, with others in a safe environment.

The objective is to increase awareness of Grief with a view of allowing people to express, communicate and share their Grief and Loss in order to help transform it into useful energy or internally reflect on and reframe it for further emotional release.

The world is moving quickly and we seem to suddenly be ‘done’ with a global pandemic even though we may still feel unsafe, or lost, or exasperated, or impatient, or just fried and freaked out, amongst many other emotions all in the context of this ‘opening back up’ of the world.
We have lost much. Here is a place to share and acknowledge all we have lost.

The Western culture that breeds emulation from the rest of the world is a culture that we know is sick and spiralling into greater dis-ease.
There are two primary reasons I see:
1-Emotional Repression (Internal Stagnation)
2-Lack of Ritual and Initiation (External Stagnation)

Stagnation is non-movement and when forces cannot move, they become stuck and this generates resistance and eventually disease and pain.

When a people has the above two and concurrently, it is of no surprise that the people will become chronically ill - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Part of my medicine as a Mentor and Guide for Visionary Leaders is to address these unseen and quite deadly cultural norms and help shift individuals into greater ease for the benefit of all of us.
Planetary change begins within each of us.

Grief Cafe is a discussion group rather than a support group or counseling session.

It is held in an accessible, respectful and confidential space with no intention of leading people to any conclusion, product or course of action.

A Grief Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes.

For ages 18+.

What to expect:

-We will begin on the hour.

-Please arrive a few min early to avoid tech snafus as we will begin promptly 5 minutes in, with a brief welcome and intro as well as a bit about etiquette in groups on Zoom.

-I will then keep the doors closed to provide a safe container for all within.
If you arrive late, please know you can join us next month.

-Afterwards, I’ll do a short closing.

-Please make sure you have supportive conditions for after leaving, in case you feel stirred or upset.

More Info:

You may be holding old grief and this may be stirred during conversations in your group.

Every effort is made to ensure it is a safe space, but it is essentially our community coming together in random groups to talk and to listen.

There are no staff and no professionals there in their work capacity.

Every group will be different, and, if you come more than once, your experiences will vary.

My sincere request is that as a participant, you come with the intention to be accepting of others and to listen actively, with no need to ‘fix’ anything or give advice. 

Often just telling your story/sharing your fears or experiences can reveal what may feel like a ‘solution’, simply as a result of the telling.

You’ll be welcome to speak if you want to, in your group. Each person’s story is their own ~ stories don’t need to link together.

I also request that you try to speak from your direct, first-hand experiences, rather than just speaking about theory or concepts from things you may have read (although some of this is inevitable and can be helpful too.)

There is no cost.

There is no formal structure: it will be a confidential space, in which you’ll be invited to chat within your group about any issues concerning you around grief and loss .…We’ll be there to hear each other's stories, fears, concerns, and anything we can offer each other.

In the past, the age range of participants has been from early 20s to those aged 80yrs+.

Participants may just be curious about the uncertainty that surrounds grief and loss, they may have suffered acutely and recently, or they may have older or psychic wounds that they know they are grieving. There may be other reasons for coming too.

All are welcome.

There’ll be no specific topics, nowhere to get to, no set questions as, when it comes to grief, we all seem to have plenty to discuss already.

If many people show up, we may break out into Break Out Rooms. You and your group will be responsible for making sure that everyone has a fair chance to be heard.

Grief Cafe gives us the permission we often don't experience in day to day life to talk about the one thing that is certainly going to affect us all.

Facing grief and talking about it can help us to embrace life more fully.