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Hi there! So glad you are here.
I am currently offering both
in-person as well as my renown
Virtual Self-Acupuncture Sessions.

Both utilize the 'Regenerator' a teishin, for the most gentle and effective healing sessions available.
Expert Mind-Body-Soul Medicine meets Taoist Philosophy  in my practice.
I have curated and combined the latest science & research
+ Traditional East Asian Medicine, to expertly guide you into whole-being health. 



Needle-Free Acupuncture? YES.
The most revered lineage of traditional Acupuncture uses the 'Activator' a teishin,
the first tool for healing - without the poke.
Say Good-bye to stress and Hello to your LIFE.

HEre's how I can help:


Chronic Stress,pain, Anxiety and Fatigue

These are rooted in disconnection from our Self, often caused from unprocessed traumas. You won't re-live or process with me, simply open and allow these traumas out so you can move forward with your life with freedom. 

Overcome Difficult emotions:
aka blocks or "stagnations"

When we continuously repress our emotions, we generate dis-ease and resistance within. This Stagnation blocks you and keeps you feeling small, sick and scared. 

Gut dysbiosis

We know the gut has millions more neurotransmitters than the brain. Our decisions and thoughts arise from these neurons.  You must heal your gut to clear your head and heart. 


Finally feel relief from chronic stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue & indigestion.

Finally feel clear-headed and without the constant Brain Fog, plus clarity about your Purpose and Gifts.

Finally feel like you can go out for diner and order WHATEVER you'd like from the menu.

Finally feel connected and IN-LOVE with YOU. 


Acupuncture has 2 distinct lineages:
Insertion needling and
Non-Insertion needling.

The more well-known filiform needles that are inserted into the skin are what we commonly think of as 'Acupuncture'.

But there is another type, one that is more gentle, feminine and effective: non-insertion 'Needling'  where the 'needle' touches the surface of the skin. This second lineage uses the 'Teishin' to access the channels and subtle body.

The Teishin is what I use. I hand-craft these tools out of precious metals and gemstones!
 It's one of the Original Needles of Chinese Medicine and is still widely used in many parts of the world.
It's gaining rapidly in popularity.
This gentle approach is perfect if you want to try Acupuncture for the first time, if you've tried it before and are interested in a new (but more ancient and effective!) approach or if you dislike needles! That's definitely me;)
This is also why the Teishin is great for sensitive skin, our fabulous elders, and kids.


Your Texas Hill Country

My sessions are trauma-informed and address the Emotional Stagnations that are blocking you from your self, your life and your dreams. Thus, the sessions are spa-like. Expect to be pampered with the Teishin, infra-red lights, Gemstone Placement, as well as the Celluma: medical-grade laser therapy in three healing wavelengths for ultimate cellular regeneration and benefit.

Please arrive masked. If you are feeling ill, for the time being, please stay home.
My aim is to keep you safe as well as the immuno-compromised loved ones and children we all have in our lives.



Are you ready to take healing into your own hands and Awaken the Empowered Healer within?

Join me in the Sacred Self-Acupuncture Sessions!
You'll receive your very own Teishin and I'll teach you how to access and move your own Qi. 
It's your birthright to do so.
These sessions are a hybrid of treatments + coaching + training.

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reignited her love of life

"Lacey changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my heart and head if not for her."

When we get out of our mind, and into our body, we heal.
Your body knows how to heal...and WANTS to heal, even though some days you are not so sure. Come in to experience first hand what it feels like to be heart, held and healed.

"Think Lacey's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a guy, and in my 40's, and the Teishin was perfect for me, too!"


re-gained his momentum

There is nothing 'woo' about the Teishin or Acupuncture - both have been around for centuries. Nothing lasts THAT test of time and is so heartily studied by the most prestigious universities, without making some serious splashes. I love newbies and I love seasoned patients. I am excited for you to gain your momentum back too.


It's never too late



your heart

or reignite your




Why the Teishin is the most superior tool for Healing.

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but first

When we work together, I do a thorough intake, and this includes a 'Selfie' of your tongue! Your tongue is a map to your inner workings, it's the only organ we can see outside of the body.
I've seen them all, so don't be shy.
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